We firmly believe in the transformative power of lifetime financial planning, recognising that each life stage presents unique challenges and opportunities. From the innocence of childhood to the well-earned relaxation of retirement, our comprehensive approach ensures that your financial strategies evolve with you.

Planning for the next generation

Our commitment extends beyond your lifetime, encompassing the prosperity of future generations. We understand the desire to provide for your children and grandchildren, nurturing their dreams and aspirations. Your dedicated Financial Planner will adeptly navigate the array of options available, including tailored strategies such as Junior ISAs, meticulous inheritance tax planning, provisions for university expenses, nurturing their first home aspirations, funding memorable weddings, and securing a comfortable retirement.


Cashflow modelling serves as a powerful compass, illuminating the path toward your financial future. It paints a vivid portrait of your potential wealth trajectory, aligning it seamlessly with your ambitions and objectives. This sophisticated tool uncovers any potential financial gaps, emphasising the criticality of robust retirement planning, ensuring sustainable income streams from pensions and investments.

Moreover, cashflow modelling doesn’t just offer a glimpse into the future; it empowers proactive decision-making, enabling adjustments to your financial strategy as life unfolds. By forecasting various scenarios, it provides the clarity needed to make informed choices today, safeguarding your financial security tomorrow. Whether it’s navigating market fluctuations or adapting to changing life circumstances, cashflow modelling offers a dynamic roadmap, guiding you towards a prosperous and fulfilling future.


We never charge for an initial meeting and there is no obligation to use our services if you don’t think our services are right for you.

  • Long-term financial advice for you and your family

  • Solutions designed to match your current means and future goals

  • Forecasting your financial future with cashflow modelling

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Here at Wise Investment, we are one big happy family.

Since 1992, we have helped families grow and we continue to help their children, and some friends too, to make wise investment choices in Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

As an employee-owned business, our people each own a share in Wise Investment. Our staff have the entrepreneur spirit – they share the success of Wise Investment, its reputation and longevity.

Our people stay with us, and you’ll have a regular contact who knows your account. Like a family business, we go above and beyond to look after our customers, personally managing your objectives and providing the best service.

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